Mesquite loves your pets as much as you do!

No Need To Leave Your Pet At Home

Everybody loves pets! There’s a reason dogs are hailed as our best friends, and in addition to all their other wonderful qualities, they can make great travel partners. When it's time to get out of the house and travel, don't leave your pet at home. Bring them to Mesquite! Mesquite offers a slew of hotels, restaurants, parks, and services that are perfect for your four-legged companion. Located just 15 minutes east of Downtown Dallas, make Mesquite your go-to pet vacation destination.

Dog Friendly hotels 6x6

pet-Friendly hotels

Mesquite offers a variety of hotels that will make both you and your pet's stay as comfortable as possible. Whether you're traveling with your pet on a budget or looking to give your pal the 5-star stay they deserve, Mesquite has everything you need. Below are some of the best hotels offering pet services.

Dog Friendly restaurants 6x6

Dog-friendly restaurants

Of course, you can't have a vacation without food! The rodeo isn't the only thing that Mesquite is known for, it's also known for its variety of restaurants. Craving Mexican food but need a place for your pooch? Mesquite has you covered. Seafood? You betcha! Below is a taste of Mesquite's most popular restaurants that offer patio seating. For a full list click here.



Roxxi at the Park 6x6

Parks and outdoor activities

When it comes to parks and outdoor activities, Mesquite has plenty of places to explore. Mesquite has more than 70 parks and over 17 miles of trails to enjoy. Take in the beauty of nature while walking the lake, or play a round of disc golf with your pup. Below are some of the most popular outdoor activities Mesquite has to offer. For a full list of parks click here.

Dog Grooming 6x6

Pet Grooming and services

Before you take your pet out for a night on the town, you have to make sure that they look good. Maybe they're all dressed up and ready to go, but you need to grab some tasty treats for your best buddy. Whether you need a groomer, a vet or a photographer, Mesquite has several facilities that will treat your pet like family. Here are some of the services the city has to offer. For a full list of groomers and services click here

fun pet-friendly events 

Mesquite offers a handful of seasonal events and activities that welcome dogs in attendance, so plan your visit when these are happening, so that you can have a ton of fun with your four-legged bestie. Doggie Splash Day is put on in August by Mesquite Parks and Recreation. This gives dogs and their owners an opportunity to cool down with a swim and participate in all kinds of contests from a pet swimsuit contest to a pet/owner lookalike contest, and more. 

Mesquite is also a hot spot for several dog shows throughout the year. Usually held at the Mesquite Convention Center and Exhibit Hall, these dog shows bring in hundreds of dogs and thousands of dog enthusiasts to the Official Rodeo Capital of Texas. The Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty sees dogs of the same name from across the U.S. and Canada compete for the title of "Best Ridge" with events like the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Test and Triathlon. The Siberian Husky National Specialty sees over 300 huskies from all across the country gather for a week of exciting competition. Another popular show is the English Springer Spaniel Dog show. This week-long event will see over 350 dogs with their owners compete in both local and national specialties for a grand prize. 


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